Activating your ZIM account

At the beginning of your studies, you will receive a letter from the Student Administration and Registration Office by post, which contains your ZIM PIN. You can use this PIN to activate your ZIM account. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to use functions such as

  • Registering for courses,
  • Receiving your student email address,
  • Using the Wi-Fi and the university’s VPN access in the university network,
  • Printing the university season ticket, and
  • Retrieving certificates from the portal "Studilöwe".

Configuring your university mail account

After you received your student email address, please configure your university email account. It is needed for receiving information, e.g. from your lecturers.

Retrieving your university season ticket

After setting up your university email account, you can retrieve your university season ticket from the system. With this ticket, you can use the public transport in NRW for free.

Retrieving your university season ticket


“StudiLöwe”, named after our mascot, the lion, is the campus management system of the University of Wuppertal. You may already know the system from your application or enrolment.
“StudiLöwe” serves also as the university’s online course catalogue: Here you will find all lectures and seminars including the digital courses on Moodle.

What else can you do in StudiLöwe?

  • You can register for your lectures and seminars, including Moodle courses and you can register for (module) examinations.
  • You can create your timetable.
  • You can print or save your electronic certificate of enrolment / BAföG certificate
  • You can change your contact details / email address


Moodle is a learning platform where lecturers can offer lectures, seminars and courses, but an online office hours as well.
In StudiLöwe you can see when and where the Moodle courses take place and you can register for these online courses.


The campus app offers the following opportunities:

  • Displaying all first semester events,
  • Searching for rooms and lecture halls and be navigated to them,
  • Searching for books in all BUW libraries,
  • Viewing the timetables of the buses and trams that will take you to the university.

Campus App


The ZIM (Centre for Information and Media Processing) is a central organizational unit of the University of Wuppertal and provider of the university network, Wi-Fi and different digital services. Furthermore, it is responsible for the technical equipment of the lecture halls and provides 200 PC workstations.

Important services and information

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